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Welcome to Easy Tidings

Creating Connections

At Easy Tidings, we believe in the power of human connection and its ability to bring comfort to those in need. Our platform is dedicated to creating meaningful connections between Care Companions and customers. We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of anyone longing for heartfelt conversations.

  • Our mission: Creating connections to combat loneliness

  • We are dedicated to cultivating companionship

  • We are a compassionate team of Care Companions committed to making a positive impact

Our service of professional friendship and companionship is very much needed with today’s hyper electronic and impersonal communications. We slow the pace down, give focused and personal contact and really listen. We are a safe and confidential place to discuss what is on your mind. We offer the advice of a good friend who cares about you and always has your best interest in mind.

Always real people, never AI or computer generated communication. No Chatbots here!

How It Works

Creating Connection

Our platform offers a range of services designed to uplift spirits, combat loneliness, and create a sense of belonging. Here is how to get started:

  • Signup

    Register on our website by providing your personal information and details about your loved one or friend who will be receiving the companionship service.

  • Select Service

    Select from a range of specialized companionship services we offer, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

  • Receive Card

    Once registered, your loved one will receive a warm welcome package via email or card. The package will introduce our team, clarify payment details, and outline what to expect, including options for service start dates.

  • Enjoy Service

    Sit back and watch your loved one experience the joy of genuine companionship. We use your valuable feedback to continuously improve our service.

  • Connect with us

    Feel free to write us